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The economic structure of Hameln is relatively varied and well-balanced.
On top of the many small and middle-range businesses, the largest employer is BHW building society with more than 2,000 employees just in Hameln.

The county hospital is the second largest employer. Town council and county council follow in terms of number of employees.

The economic structure of Hameln is also characterised by its geographical location within the attractive landscape of the Weserbergland and especially the world-famous legend of the Pied Piper: tourism plays a large role in Hameln´s economy.

The production industry, and in particular building-machinery and electronics industries, also play their part in determining the economic structure with well-known firms such as Volvo Construction Equipment, Reintjes, Stephan Machinery, Rexnord-Stephan and other middle-range businesses.

For structural data on Hameln´s economy please refer to Hameln in figures - economy.

2014 and 2015:
The British forces leave Hameln. 340 apartments in the urban area and 240 acres of former military areas are thus released for subsequent uses.
The departure of the British regrets in Hameln. However, creating a "Master Plan Conversion - perspective for Hameln" the basis for an urban redevelopment of areas and thus provides opportunities for attractive housing and the resettlement of commercial enterprises.
For more information, visit the link Konversion on the right frame.
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