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image comment: Leisthaus (Lucretia)
"The Weser-Renaissance is the delightful variation of a serious Italian architecture theme."

image comment: Hochzeitshaus
This is the peculiar architectural style of the 16th and early 17th century in which you will find various buildings along the river Weser and which have greatly characterized the "townscape" of Hameln.

Significant features of this architecture are the spectacular and aboundingly subdivided fassades of the patrician houses with scrolls, pyramids, obelisks, decorations of globes, fine chisled stones, ornamented wooden friezes with coats of arms, masks and envy heads.
This type of architecture also includes protruding bay-windows ("Utluchten").

image comment: Stiftsherrenhaus (detail)
Famous houses in Hameln built in the Weser-Renaissance-style are the "Hochzeitshaus" (1610-17), the "Dempterhaus" (1607/08) , the "Leisthaus" (1585-89), "Stiftsherrenhaus" (1558) and the "Rattenfängerhaus" (1602/03). The "Rieckesche Haus" ("Rattenkrug") from 1568 was the first house built in the Weser-Renaissance-style in Hameln.



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